RSRM Produces deformed bars on demand conforming to the standard specification of BDS 6935:2006, ASTM A 615, Grade 40,60 & 500W, BS 4449 & JISG 3112 by maintaining strict adherence to buyers’ specification in terms of steel grade, tensile strength, unit mass and close dimensional tolerances. 1000 M. Ton Capacity Universal Testing Machine ensures yield stress, ultimate tensile strength, elongation and band test of our finished products. Our laboratory technicians are working round the clock in the laboratory; Samples of each batch of production are collected & tested simultaneously in our laboratory. The Manager of Production sincerely incorporates with the results of the laboratory tests in order to obtain quality product.

We also have a sophisticated Chemical Lab to analyze the chemical composition of incoming raw materials (known as Billet) & the finished products. The main objective of the chemical analysis is to determine the existing percentage of Carbon (C), Silicon (Si), Manganese (Mn), Sulphur (S), Phosphorous (P) etc. in raw materials and in our finished products.

We maintain chemical composition of billets of Grade – 500W, Grade 60 &Grade 40 as per following:

We have optical Emission spectrometer (PDA-7000) which can analyze 18 elements of steel within 20 seconds. Highly experienced Chemists are engaged to ensure proper composition as per requirement to meet the standard specification of ASTM A 615. It is also approved by BSTI (BDS-ISO-6935:2/2006).

Volumetric Analysis:

Volumetric analysis is performed by the following apparatus:

1. Strolein Apparatus (Carbon & Sulphur Determinator): This instrument is used for the determination of C% (Carbon percentage) and S% (Sulphur percentage).

2. Muffle Furnace: This instrument is used for the determination of Volatile matters of Hard Coke, Graphite, Ferrous (Fe-Mn, Si-Mn, Fe-Si) & Non-Ferrous and Refractory Materials.

All data from the testing and inspection are feed back to production units and stored by them in order to improve the quality of the product. The customer liaison wing (Sales & Marketing Department) takes care of complains from any customer. Our quality control team continuously checks the production process at each and every stage.

We also conduct the laboratory test in BUET in order to verify the correctness of the result of our own laboratory test. We usually supply the testing report of BUET on request of our valuable customers.