History (Group Business)

Ratanpur Group started its operation in 1984 with its flagship company Ratanpur Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd. (RSRM) to meet the growing demand for high quality deformed bars in the market. The population boom created a housing crisis which led to numerous public and private construction projects, creating a greater demand for our products. The success and goodwill created by this company encouraged us to spread our wings into other markets and confront some of the many problems that plagued our economy. Thus more enterprises were established so that we can have a greater impact in the development of our country.

Our Concern


Ratanpur Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd. (RSRM) was established in January 1984 to meet the growing demand for high quality M.S. deformed bars in the country.

The mill is situated in the heart of the progressive Baizid Bostami Industrial Area, Chittagong.

Today, RSRM is widely recognized as one of the leading steel manufactures in the country and has embarked upon a series of initiatives aimed at increasing its production capacity to1000 tons per day and yearly capacity of 300000 tons of world class products. To keep up with the demand of the current world market our facilities have come to include induction melting furnaces a ladle refining furnace, a continuous casting plant and rolling mills with the latest automated features. Other necessary ancillaries like main power sub-station, water complex for primary, secondary and emergency water supply, natural gas supply station, machine shop with CNC machine, pollution control system, well equipped quality control unit, cranes of different capacities including crawler cranes for material handling etc.


Jute is one of our oldest and finest of crops and for centuries it has been an integral part of our culture. Ratanpur Jute Spinners Ltd. is primarily an export oriented Jute Yarn Company catering to diverse industries worldwide.

Being a part of one of the prominent group of companies our efforts are concentrated on preserving the reputation of our mother brand by producing high quality products thus ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Jute once renowned as our golden fiber has fallen from its once lofty place with the arrival of synthetic fibers. We at Ratanpur Jute Spinners Ltd. have taken a solemn vow to return this crop to its former glory and bring a ray of hope to those who have been growing it for generations.


Ratanpur Shipping Lines Ltd. was established with the objective to support the country’s growing economy with complete logistics support. We offer freight forwarding services through a team of experienced, committed and dynamic professionals whose sole aim is customer satisfaction, for us there is no cargo challenge that cannot be met.

We manage three vessels, The Ratan Pearl, The Ratan Fiderlaty and The Ratan Pathfinder with which we can provide end-to-end customer driven solutions to over six different locations throughout the world. Besides these vessels also carry raw materials such as scrap, sponge iron, HVI shattered scrap, etc. required by our other concerns of our mother group.

We are committed to providing our clients around the world with reliable and flexible shipping solutions. Our goal is to cultivate a long-term partnership with our clients to delivering a range of services adapted to meet their specific needs.

Apart from our large range of services the best thing our clients enjoy is the peace of mind that only comes from working with people who have proven shipping solutions and an impressive track record.


Ratanpur Ship Re-cycling Industries Ltd. was established to tap the enormous potential this industry has for our country. Until the late 20th century, ship breaking took place in port cities of industrialized countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States. This has availed the opportunity to not only serve as the disposal ground for ships past their prime but to strip the metal for our use. Thus under our green initiative we have opted to recycle the ships and use the scrap metal for steel production whose production fails to satisfy the local demand by a considerable margin.

We maintain three shipyards they are, M. Rahman Shipyard, Ratanpur Shipyard and the Modern shipyard. These shipyards are highly organized and well-equipped so that our skilled employees can properly and safely do their jobs under the guidance of our experienced managers.

The recycling of ships will also enable us with knowledge using that we are currently in the process of building world class ships which will go a long way in solving our logistical issues. We also export unused spare abroad.

We believe in taking care of our people because ultimately it is they who power our economy and fuel growth. Thus our shipyards are globally recognized as “Green peace Shipyards” maintaining the ISO standards.


Ratanpur Shipping Services Ltd. is one of the leading maritime services providers in Bangladesh. Over the years we have established an international set-up with correspondents in the major ports and cities around the world, offering full load and group-age container shipments to our client base. Our client base cuts across many diversified industries with products and services tailored to each unique need. Our one stop shop services for freight and transportation is the reason behind our outstanding customer satisfaction, which is our proudest achievement.

The vision behind Ratanpur Shipping Services was to create a strong shipping agency to render all kinds of various agency services for vessels calling to our ports.


Modern Steel Mills Ltd. is a world class alloy and steel manufacturing plant. We produce quality billet maintaining global standards as our products are exported to all parts of Africa, Nepal, Burma and India.

In order to keep up with the modern day needs the manufacturing plant is equipped with the state- of-the-art technology. We are one of the leading manufacturers of high quality steel products in Bangladesh specializing in the manufacture of various high tensile steel profiles and sections.

The plant has the capability to produce steel according to all major international quality standards and the product quality is assured through modern material testing with the help of dedicated & experienced professionals.

Our vision is to be one of the world’s leading steel manufacturers through the excellence of our people, innovative approach and overall conduct. Underpinning this vision is a performance culture committed to aspiration targets, safety and social responsibility, continuous improvement, openness and transparency.


Ratanpur Real Estate Ltd. commenced its operation with the aim of constructing high quality homes and commercial developments.

Being a part of a larger whole all our activities are aimed at reducing the myriad factors that hamper the growth of our economy. That is why we took it upon ourselves to have an impact on the housing crisis.

With a mission towards creating a greener and more natural living space we provide all the amenities that modern housing has, along with the warmth of a real home.


Ratanpur Group has launched its poultry & agro products line to expand our presence of quality product to the people of Bangladesh. So far our products have been widely appreciated by our clients for their quality and various benefits which they offer. Manufactured in various sizes and designs our range caters the varied requirements of our clients.


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